Duoyishu Village and Rice Terraces

Yunnan Tours, trips, travel guide, attractions

Yunnan Tours, trips, travel guide, attractions

Brief Introduction: Duoyishu Village lies at the foot of Goddess Mountain in the suburb of Yuanyang County, is 25 km away from the old town of Xinjie. It is located at an elevation between 1900 meters and 2500 meters. The main scenic spots here are Duoyishu Sightseeing Platform which is the best place to enjoy sunrise, Duoyishu Village where you can see Yi People, Hani People and traditional Mushroom Style Houses. Around this area it offers a grand view of both natural landscapes and exotic minorities’ culture.

Best Time to Visit (in a year):  From January to May

Best Time to Visit (in a day):  Before dawn

Best Location for photography: on the right of the sightseeing platform

Photography Tips:  With the color of sky changing all the time, its reflection on the waters features

Getting There and Away:  There are shuttle buses from Xinjie (新街)to Ganiang (嘎娘)every hour.

Travel Guide: If you want to enjoy the amazing sunrise, just stay overnight at Duoyishu Village. More than 50 guesthouses and hostels can be easily found. When it’s the traditional festival or weekend, you must make a reservation in advance.

Accommodation: Timeless Yuanyang(久居元阳), Xianxiake(闲霞客), Huawowo(花窝窝),Yunshangtianshang(云上天上), Yungangshenhui(云港升辉).

Things to do: Scroll in Hani People’s Village or trek for several hours in fields.

Restaurants: Timeless Yuanyang(久居元阳),Tingyunxian(听云轩) and Xianxiake(闲霞客)are better choices. Especially western style foods and drinks can be served at Timeless Yuanyang(久居元阳), the owner of this restaurant Alice can speak fluent English. By the way she is very friendly and hospitable.

Local Specialty: Purple Yam, Bamboo Shoot, Brown Rice and fish kept in fields can be eaten at any restaurant in Yuanyang. The Brown Rice is very organic and yammy.


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