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Introduction of Grand View Park

Grand View Park,Kunming Attractions

Grand View Park,Kunming Attractions

Daguanlou Park(Grand View Park) lies 5 kilometers southwestern suburbs of Kunming City, facing the Taihua Mountains over the water. This park is characterized by blue water, flowers, lotus ponds, fish, long dikes and willow trees. It boasts both the elegance of ancient temples and Natural Park.
Daguanlou used to be called “Jinhuapu” which means a place next to Taihua Mounatain. In the past the water level was higher than the present one. The area where Daguanlou was situated used to be vast water during Song and Yuan Dynasties. Since the Yuan and Ming dynasties, the Haihe River was excavated and water was diverted from Dianchi, making it smaller. Nowadays this area has risen above the water to become an islet. At the turn of Yuan and Ming dynasties, this area remained a marshland with reeds and was linked with the sea of Dianchi Lake.
In Qing Dynasty, Wusanggui, the governor and the King of Yunnan Province ordered the dredging of the river channel from Xiaoximen to Jinhuapu in order to ship foods from the shores of Dianchi to the city. The river was named Grain-Shipping River but now it is called Grand View River or Daguan River.
Daguanlou Tower was constructed in the 21st year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (1682). A monk named Qian Yin built a temple there, and called it “Avalokitesvara Temple”. This monk gave locals a lecture of “Saddharmapundarika-Sutra”, and it attracted lots of people. Then this temple became a most famous attraction in the suburbs of Kunming.
The first thing to visit Daguanlou Tower must be to see the longest couplet in China. Its author, Sunran, was quite learned during the childhood. With his own eyes he saw the corruption of the imperial examinations and revolved never to participate in such examinations. Finally he never took up official positions.
The upper part of the couplet can be translated as:
The 250 square meters of Dianchi Lake is raging in front of me. I tear my coat open and lift my cap: What a joyful monument it is to see the boundless water.
Now look. To the east, the Golden Horse Hill is like a divine horse galloping; to the west the Biji Hill looks like a phoenix dancing; to the north, the Changchong Hill is like a divine snake winding through; the its south the Carne Hill is like a white flying Crane. Dear poets, why don’t you ascend this tower to enjoy it. You can see the crab-like islets afar, the spiral shell-like sand dunes the weeping willow looks like a young lad combing her hair, and the total view of water grass and reeds and jade-like small birds dotting among them and the floating.

Best Highlitht of Grand View Park

A Lengthened Couplet of Kunming Daguanlou Mansion

Version A:

Grand View Park,Kunming Attractions

Grand View Park,Kunming Attractions

The 500-li Dianchi is rushing into sight and so exhilarated am I to unbutton my coat and headdress,enjoying the vast-stretching waters! Look around:Mt Jinma like a galloping horse in the east,Mt Biji resembling a flying phoenix in the west,Mt Hongshan rolling up and down like a dragon in the north and Mt Crane shrouded in the transient white clouds in the south. Ascending the height Your Majesty can enjoy a distant view of the isles made up of crab and snail shells and the sweeping willow branches in the misty breezes,endless marshes covered with weeds and reeds and with a few green-feathered birds perching,all underneath the sky’s rosy clouds. I would have felt very much regretted if I hadn’t seen the fragrant rice paddies and long sandy beaches all around,lotus flowers in full blossom in summer,and hanging willow branches greened with new sprouts in spring.

The thousand-year-long history is repeating itself in my mind and a little bit drunk am I looking up to sigh for those historical heroes,where are they? Think about:terraced warships teemed with Han soldiers,iron monuments built in memory of the Tang’s victory,territories settled by the first Song emperor with a jade ax and the whole land conquered by the Yuan tribesmen coming on an expedition on sheepskin rafts. Gloriously martyred deeds with great efforts in vain and all grand palaces are gone forever with morning clouds and evening rains,leaving only broken stone tablets with a few lines of engraved scripts,all enveloped in the hazy sunset. There left behind are bronze bells heard occasionally and fishing boats with flickering lamps seen in the middle of the lake,wild geese leaving in a hurry in two files in autumn,and only frosted snow all over the terrains in winter.

Version B: The Kunming Lake extending a hundred miles around mils before my eyes. Wearing my hood high and throwing my chest out, how happy l am to see the vast expanse of water! Behold! the Golden Steed galloping in the east, the Green Phoenix flying In the west,the Long Snake serpentine in the north and the White Crane planning in the south.Brilliant talents may come to the height and enjoy the sight,visit the crab-like or shell-like islets which look like beauties with hair flowing in the air or veiled in the mist, where duckweed and reed outspread as far as the sky dotted with green-feathered birds and rainbow-colored clouds.How can you not enjoy your fill of the fragrant paddy-fields all around, sparkling fine sand far and near, slender lotus blooms in late summer and swaying willow trees in early spring!

The historical events passed thousands of years ago pour into my mind. Holding a cup of wine and facing immensity, I sigh for how many heroes have passed away with rolling waves. Remember the warships maneuvered in ancient times, the iron pillar erected in the golden age, the frontier pacified with jade ax in the silver epoch and the leather rafts crossing the turbulent river in modern era.Valiant exploits have exhausted mountain-moving strength mental and physical, but pearly screens and painted beams last no longer than morning clouds and evening rain, and broken stone tablets and ruined monuments lie buried in the frizzling smoke and the suns departing rays.What remain are only sparse bells ringing in cold hills, fishermen’s lantern lights by riverside, two rows of wild geese flying in autumn sky and a dreary dream of hoary winter frost.

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