Golden Temple

Golden Temple is located on Mingfeng Mountain in the northeast of Kunming. Since there were parrots here in the past, this mountain is also called Parrot Hill. The Golden Temple is also listed as the national historical relics in the country.
At the gate of Taihe Palace stands a red wall with four characters: “Yingwuchunshen” which means “Parrot Hill is always permeated with spring”.
Although it was named Golden Temple, it’s actually made of copper. During the Ming dynasty, Yunnan boasts the greatest copper production in China. And a governor in Ming dynasty named Chengyongbin ordered people to build the original copper palace . It was founded in 1602. During the late Ming dynasty, the power of Mu family regime of Yunnan was in decline. According to the theory of Fengshui, copper can surmount wood. Thus the last duke of Mu family ordered soliders to move the temple to Jizhu Mountain in the north of Yunnan Province in 1637. In Qing dynasty the governor named Wusangui to build the present temple. And it’s the largest and heaviest copper temple which is 6.7 meters high, 7.8 meters both in width and length, and weighs 250 tons.

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