5 Days Classic Kunming Tour

This route is typically characterized by plateau lakes, scenic spots, historical sites, ethnic cultures. In Kunming its climate remains like that of Spring, and flowers blossom all the year round. Thus it’s called “City of Spring”

.On this day trip, you will see all the beautiful sceneries in Kunming, it is a leisure day tour. You will visit Western Hills, Stone Forest /Yunnan Nationality Village/ Bamboo Temple/ Yuantong Temple/ Jiuxiang Karst Caves/ Golden Temple
Entrance tickets, lunch and hotel transfer are all included

Day 1 Western Hills and Nationality Village

Pick you up from your hotel/ Kunming Airport/ Train Station/ Coach Station, and then drive 40 minutes to visit the Western Hills. Over here you can take stunning pictures for Kunming City from a bird’s view.

Day 2  Stone Forest and Jiuxiang Karst Caves.

Day 3  Dongchuan Red Soil Land

Dongchuan Red Soil Land is 185 kilometers away from Kunming, it takes 3.5 hours to drive there. Along the road you will visit Lepuao, Luoxiagou and Darongshu. On the second day of your arrival, you firstly go to visti Damakan, Jingxiuyuan. And then come back to your hotel to have breakfast.

Day 4  Golden Temple

Drive from Dongchuan to Kunming city to visit the Golden Temple. With a weight of 50 tons, it’s the biggest bronze temple in China Jiandian(金殿) is located in the northeast of Kunming, it was firstly built in 1673. Here camelias would be in full blossoms in Spring. After visiting this temple, you will know Yunnan’s splendid history.

Day 5

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