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Yuanyang Airport, Yunayng Flights, Yuanyang TravelWhere is Yuanyang Airport?

Yuanyang Hani terrace airport is located at Mangjianghe village, Shalatuo Township ,in Yuanyang County of Honghe Prefecture. It has a construction period of 150 days. It lies about 40 kilometers away from the seat of Yuanyang County, it covers an area of 3225 acres, it’s a civilian 4C grade transport airport. The airport runway is 2800 meters long, 45 meters wide; the volume of incoming and outgoing freights is 400 thousand passengers, 1600 tons of cargoes, landing and taking-off 4396 times.


The total investment of construction projects is expected to reach 2 billion 653 million yuan, and it will be finished in 2019.It is reported that on March 2013, the preparation work was initiated in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. In September 25th, 2014, Yuanyang Hani terrace airport was adopted as a project of vertical transportation corridor of Yangtze River Belt, and it was issued by the State Council. In November 5th of 2015, its location was finally determined by the national civil aviation authority.

Yuanyang Hani terrace airport belongs to deep-digging and filling airport, which has complicated geological conditions and prominent geological problems. The contrast test of different construction methods of the foundation and the filling process will be the test section of the project, to explore the best method and process parameters for the effective treatment of high fill and geological problems,  it gives a solid foundation for the construction of the follow-up project.

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