Yuanmou Travel Guide

Yuanmou, a shining pearl on northwest tourism route of Yunnan, is the first stop traveling from Sichuan, and it’s only 190 kilometers away from capital city Kunming. Also it acts as the entrance to Great Shangrila Tourism route.


Wumao, Banguo, Langbapu, Jiangyi, Liangshan


1. Yuanmou Man who settled here 1.7 million years ago makes it the birthplace of human beings, hometown of oriental people.
2. Dinosaur Burial Ground which has survived through millions of years which marks another milestone in scientific research history.
Dinosaur fossils that have been discovered science early, middle and late Jurassic Period,
3. Pristine dreamlike and mystic soil forest with numerous styles.
4. Natural scenery with turbulent water and deep cliffs in the Great Valley of Jinsha River
5. Exotic customs of Yi ethnic people.

Yuanmou Film-shooting Base

1. Typical vertical climates, unique natural scenery and rich couture of ethnic groups make Yunnan an ideal shooting shed.
2. Suitable for filming in four seasons.
3. Reduce the film-shooting time, lower its cost and gain more economic profit.
4. Yuanmou must be the best outdoor shooting base for the best films in China.

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