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Green Lake Park in Kunming

Situated at an elevation of 1890 meters, Kunming features a milder climate than most other Chinese cities, and can be visited at any time of a year. The temperature here is stable in a year, but it drops suddenly during a day. It’s warm at noon and it gets cold in the morning and at night.

The average temperature in Kunming is just 20 degrees all the year round. Winter is short and warm. In summer it is neither too hot. The highest temperature is 38 degrees, it one lasts several days. The lowest temperature is just -1 degree. There would be a snow every five years.

So a great poet in the Ming Dynasty, depicted Kunming like this. “Climate remains like that of February and March, and Flowers blossom throught the year.” He also named Kunming as the Eternal Spring City.

Why is the weather in Kunming so pleasant?

Kunming is under the influence of mountain monsoon that features a low-latitude plateau.  It lies in the Central Yunnan Basin between the Hengduan Mountains in West Yunnan and the East Plateau, and it’s surrounded by mountain ranges. With Wumeng Mountain blocking the cold air from the north, to the southern warm and humid marine monsoon currents from the south, and to Dianchi Lake and Yangzong lakes which helps to adjust its temperature and humidity. Furthermore , dry and rainy seasons are clearly marked, with the period from May to October as the rainy season. The city characterizes a mean annual rainfall of 1000 mm ,with an annual sunshine period of 2250 hours and an annual frost-free period of 230 days.

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