Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Introduction:As the highest summit in Kunming, Jiaozi Snow Mountain is 4247 meters. It derives its name  the outline which looks like a sedan chair.It’s named Lenibai by the Emperor of Nanzhao Kingdom.
It consists of Qiwang Mountain, Dongying Mountain and Guanyin Mountain. Totally it has an area of 253 suqare kilometers. The whole scenic spot lie at an elevation from 3800 meters to 4100 meters. Because of its typical mountainous glaciers, Jiaozi Snow Mountain becomes a famous attraction.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, Kunming Highlights, attractions

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, Kunming Highlights, attractions

In the Jiaozi Snow Mountain Scenic Area, visitors may feast their eyes on Sky-piercing mountains, precipitous cliffs, vast highland steepes, lyrical streams and waterfalls, boundless rhododendron bushes, mysteriously tranquil highland lakes, graceful fir forests, spectacular icefalls, enchanting South-China snow and ice secnce, soul-catching forests of upright tress and uppredictable astronomical wonders. The unique features of Jiaozi Mountain are hard to desceible even by exhausting words like magnificent, precipitous, miraculous, gorgeous, exceptional, mysterous.

Travel Routes:





Luquan Jiaoziyingxiangjiudian( 93 ¥) 禄劝轿子印象酒店

Jiaozixueshan Longquanjiudian(99 ¥)轿子雪山龙泉酒店


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It opens from  9.30am to 16.30pm.

Admission: 68 Yuan

Transfer Bus: 30 Yuan

One-way Cable Car : 35 Yuan

Return Ticket for Cable Car: 70 Yuan/

Ticket Office: +86 0871 68947299

Consultant and Complain: + 86 0871 68947877


Getting There and Away:

  1. Opposite to Kunming Tuodong Gymnathism Studio (拓东体育馆), there is a tourism center of Jiaozi Snow Mountain. You can spend 100 Yuan to take the coach.
  2. Go to Kunming Coach Station to take a bus to Zhuanlong. Then swich another coach from Zhuanlong to Xueshang.
  3. Buses run from Kunming North Bus Station to Jiaozi Snow Mountain. There will be one every 4 hours. The first one starts at 6.20 am with a cost of 26 Yuan.
  4. Take a bus to Dongchuan Huashitou to visit Red Land, and then trek to Jiaozi Snow Mountain.
  5.  Take a bus to Tangdian or Zhuanlong, and then .

Travel Tips:

  1. Jiaozi Snow Mountain is accessible in four seasons.
  2. This mountain is only partly developed as a tourist attraction;
  3. It is located at a higher place;,as you ascend the mountain the temperature drops very fast, so carry enough coats. Also don’t forget your sun cream.
  4. It is forbidden to take any lighter into the mountain.
  5. When it is the peak season for tourists, only 10000 tourists are allowed to enter into the mountain.
  6. Don’t go to such dangerous places as deep valley, dense forest, steep cliff, lakes of summer time, icefall in winter.
  7. If you suffer from heart diseases, please be careful and don’t walk too fast.

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