Honghe Travel Guide and Rice Terraces

Honghe Travel Guide , Rice TerracesHonghe prefecture is the hometown of Hanipeople. It’s a photographers’s mecca to take photos. Here it’s the informatiom Honghe Travel Guide , Rice Terraces

Where is Honghe?

Honghe Hani and Yi People Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province in China, it is lie to the north of Kunming City, east of Wenshan Prefucture, west of Yuxi City, and borders on Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the south. Honghe Prefecture is the fourth largest economy area in Yunnan province. The total economic output and some social and economic development rank the first among the other 30 minority autonomous prefectures in China.
Honghe Prefecture has a land area of 32930 square kilometers, with 9 counties under the jurisdiction of the 4 city, the total population of 4 million 561 thousand people (2012), is a Autonomous Prefecture inhabited by minorities , there are 10 native ethnic minorities with a population of 2 million 410 thousand.
Yunnan Honghe’s political, economic and military and cultural center is Mengzi. Tin Capital is the nick name of Gejiu, Jianshui a national historical and cultural city in the state of the literature; Jinshuihe and Shiping ports are two national ports. It owns tin culture, ceramic culture and the culture of terraced fields. Honghe Prefecture is the epitome of Yunnan’s economy, society and humanity. It is the birthplace of modern industry in Yunnan and the land route and bridgehead for China to Asean.
Honghe Prefecture is listed as the second batch of new urbanization comprehensive pilot areas in the country.

Why do you need such Honghe Travel Guide, Rice Terraces

Honghe must be the best place to enjoy the most spectucla rice terraces in China.

What is the weather like in Heonghe China?

Due to the low latitude, it is under the influence of subtropical and plateau humid monsoon. Under the atmospheric circulation and complicated topographic conditions, the climate types are very diverse, and it has a unique plateau climate characteristics. Four seasons have little difference, but the dry and rainy season distinction is obvious. In every year from May to October, it is the rainy season, there is more rainfall throughout the year accounted for 80% of rainfall, the continuous rainfall intensity is mainly concentrated in June ~ August, and it has the characteristics that regional distribution is very uneven. According to statistics, over the past 10 years, in the mountains above 2000 meters above sea level, the annual average temperature is 16.3 degrees, extreme temperature -9.0, 31.5 DEG C; the average annual rainfall of 2026.5 mm, average annual maximum rainfall of 2508.1 mm, the Jin Ping County watershed forests area, it has maximum annual rainfall of 3471.1 mm, sometimes it reaches 4338 mm, ranking the first of Yunnan province; the daily maximum rainfall reach 212.4 mm, with rainfall intensity, the characteristics of long duration. In the valley area with an elevation of 2000 meters, the annual average temperature is from 17.2 or 23.4, extreme temperature reach 40.7 degrees, the average annual rainfall of 817.2 mm, and the annual maximum rainfall of 2257.2 mm, maximum daily rainfall of 144.7 mm, a relatively small and mountainous area comparison, but still has a single point the characteristics of high intensity of rain.

Terrain in Honghe

Situated in the southeast of Yunnan province, Honghe Prefecture is adjacent to Vietnam and has a border line of 848 kilometers. The terrain is higher in the northwest and lower in the southeast. The terrain is divided into Karst Mountains, plateau, basin (dam), and valley. The main mountain ranges are the southern section of the Hengduan Mountains, the Lancang River and the eastern part of South of the Five Ridges, the Ailao Mountains (the western branch is Li Xian, the boundless mountain on the side of Jiangxi).