Yunnan Ethnic Culture Tour to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangrila

Why Visit?

Due to it’s the home of 52 nationalities, Yunnan boasts of the most diverse tourism destination in China. In each city, you will experience different ethnic culture.

For this tour, you will visit Yunnan’s Yi people, Bai People, Hui People, Tibetans, Naxi People, Lisu People and


Stone Forest, Western Hills, Yunnanyi Old Town, Weishan Old Town, Shaxi Old town, Dali Old Town, Xizhou Old Town, Shuhe Old Town.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 Kunming (Pickup and transfer to your hotel) 30 minutes’ drive for 30 kilometers.

Our attentive drive and English-spoke tour guide will wait you and pick you up from Kunming International Airport or Kunming High-speed Railway Station.

Day 2 Kunming city – Stone Forest

After breakfast at your hotel, we drive 80 kilometers to the Stone Forest which was listed as World Culture Heritage site in 2004 and it was inscribed as National Geography Park in 2007. It’s the most typical Karst (limestone) landform in southeast Asia. Here it’s also the hometown of Yi People which is the biggest ethnic group (4 million) in Yunnan Province. Also Yi People has a splendid history and wide influence over the south of Tibet, the west of Guizhou Province and the north of Vietnam, Laos and Mymar.

Around the Stone Forest, there is a special dish cooked by Yi People, it’s Goat Cheese which is made of goat milk.

Day 3 Kunming to Dali( Yunnanyi Township), Weishan Mountain (2 hours high-speed train ride to Dali and 2 hours’ drive to Weishan Mountain)

Leave your hotel for Dali at 8:30 am and take the high-speed train from Kunming to Dali at 9 am. It takes you 1.5 hours to be Yunnanyi Old Town which used to be the biggest military airport during the World War 2. In 1937 ,Japanese invaders occupied the east of China, and the roads, railways were cut off. And American pilots came to Yunnan to help us train pilots to fight against Japanese bombers and transport arm supplies. Because of the great courage, locals called them “Flying Tigers”. And the airline route from Northern India to Yunnanyi Old Town was named “Hump Flight”.

Day 4 Weishan to Dali Old Town and Xizhou Town

Weishan is the origin place of Yi People,


What is Daoism?


Day 5 Xizhou Town to Shaxi Town

Day 6 Shaxi Town to Lijiang (Shuhe Old Town)

Day 7 Shuhe Old Town to Dayan Old Town and Yuhu Village

Day 8 Yuhu Village to Tiger Leaping Gorge

Day 9 Shangrila

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