Kunming One Day Trip to Stone Forest and Western Hills

Kunming one day trip

Kunming Tours

Kunming Tours

Attractions to visit:

Stone Forest( World Nature Heritage site, Geography Park), Western Hills (Daoism Temples built along the cliff) or Golden Temple, Birds and Flowers Market.


Pick you up at your hotel or Kunming Changshui International Airport, drive 1 hour (90 kilometers)to Shilin County to visit the Stone Forest. After visiting it for 3 hours, go to have lunch at Yi People’s Village or restaurants. Then drive 40 kilometers to visit Jiuxiang Caves or the Western Hills or Golden Temple.

Suggested Travel Routes:

Nearby Restaurants and Foods:
Goat Cheese is a must-try food around the stone forest. If time allows, go to Yiliang County to eat the yummiest roast duck in Yunnan. It’s more delicious than Peking or Beijing Roast Duck which is too fat.

Things to Do:

At 8 pm, there is a wonderful ethnic performance at the center of Kunming. It’s named Dynamic Yunnan or (云南印象). It gives you a chance to learn more details about the religion, costumes, Yunnan, minorities.

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