Yunnan Weather

Yunnan Weather


Situated on the plateau of Yunnan and Guizhou, Yunnan has an average elevation of 2000 meters above the sea level.


Under the influence of Indian Ocean monsoon, it is very humid in summer dry in winter.



Yunnan Cliame

Due to the mountainous topography, there are numberous climates all over Yunnan Province.

There is a saying goes like that. Four seasons can be found on the same mountain, the tempreture is diffferen in ten miles. And the whole province is  called the kingdom of fauna and flora.





Best Time to Visit Yunnan

It’s accessable in four seasons to visit Yunnan province. While it’s more colourful from October to May of the following year, most photographors come here during this period.

In spring, all kinds of flowers will be in full bolossoms. You can enjoy magnolia, azalia, camelia and lily.


In winter, it’s very chilly in the north and warm in the south. And it’s becoming foggy all the time in the east.

Yunnan Weather,Weather Yunnan,Yunnan Climate

Yunnan Weather, Weather in Yunnan, Yunnan Climate

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