10 Days Photography Travel in Yunnan

On January 4th 2017 we left the hotel at 9 am. It took us 1.5 hours to drive to the chieftains house. It’s located on the top of mountain. On the way the whole road was covered by thick fog. At times it’s becoming clear. Suddenly we found that were driving along the cliff. The town named Gasa where we stayed is situated at the foot of a huge mountain. Also orange plantation can be seen everywhere. From a birds view, terracd red earth is a stunning attraction. Opposite to the main road it’s Mr Chu’s Orange Garden. Mr Chu is Chinese celebraty. In 1980s, he helped an almost bankrupt tobacco company to develop as the largest one in Asia. Soon he was put in prison because of bribery. At the age of 75, he was released from jail. He rent locals’ land and started to plant orange. He succeed again.
Longxi Mansion was constructed from 1938 to 1945. The owner was a leader of local bandits. He forced villagers to plant opium as rental. He also robbed merchants who carried tea from the south of Yunnan to Tibet.After the liberation in 1945, with the support of Kuomintang party, he arrested lots of members of communist party. Finally he was sentenced to death.

Along the street to Longxi Mansion,it’s full of stalls for selling wooden ornaments, herbal medicine,mountain tea and preserved pork. As a traveller the local tea and ham are musts you can’t miss.
The Ancient Route of Tea and Horse is a famous attraction. Just demountain along the stone steps. All kinds of trees covered by moss can be seen. Follow the sound of waterfalls, several beautiful sceneries are nearby the main road. After trekking 1 hour, you will find a small tea museum, also it’s the house of a ranger who stays here to protect gillbons mankeies and other animals. Opposite to the museum is the primitive forest. You can find gilbons. Blast fenerance built in Qing dynasty will be in your sight. Go ahead j

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