9-day Yunnan Photo Tour

Day 1

After your arrival in Kunming,  our driver and tour guide pick you up and transfer you to your hotel, and then go to visit Green Lake Park and Birds & Flower Market. Here you will experience the most pleasant climate in China, and take a glimpse of the Kingdom of Fauna and Flora.

Day 2

Leave the hotel at 9 am, then drive to the Stone Forest, which is known as “No. 1 Wander”, also it was listed as Geography Park in 2004, inscribed as the World Nature Heritage site in 2007. When it’s lunch time, the local goat cheese and roast duck is a must you can’t miss in Kunming. After lunch you will take a ride for 3 hours to Jianshui. In such less touristy

Day 3

It takes you

Day 4

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