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Yunnan is located between the first and the second terraces of China. The general topography declines from the northwest to the southeast. The altitude lowers 7 meters every kilometers on average. The most diversified topography can be seen here. With mountains taking up 84% of the total area, 10 % being plateau, and 6% being basins, Yunnan features a province of plateaus and mountains.
With an altitude of 6740 meters above the sea level, Kagebo Peak of Meili Snow Mountain in the northwest of Yunnan is the highest point in Yunnan. The confluence of the Nanxi River and Yuanjiang River is only 76 meters and is the lowest point.

Yunnan lies in the southwest frontier of China. The whole province is located in the low latitude belt south of 30 degrees north latitude. With the Tropic of Cancer stretching across its south, Yunnan is an inland province.
Yunnan borders Guizhou and Guanxi Autonomous Prefecture in the east, Sichuan Province in the north, and Tibet in the north. Being a frontier province, Yunnan borders on Vietnam Myanmar in the west, and Laos and Vietnam in the south. Simao Prefecture borders on these three countries. Yunnan has a borderline of 4060 km.
There are 16 administrative areas in Yunnan, of these 8 are prefectures , Chuxiong Yi People Autonomous Prefecture, Honghe Hani and Yi People Autonomous Prefecture, Wenshan Zhuan People Autonomous Prefecture, Dali Dai People Autonomous Prefecture, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Xishuanbanan Dai People Autonomous Prefecture.

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