Yuanyang Travel Guide

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Yunnan is without doubt the most charming and diversified destination in China. It’s the most enchanting of all China’s provinces, with stunning landscapes from snow-capped summits to tropical rain forests. Also it’s a home for 10 million minorities. Also it’s the Kingdom of Fauna and Flora, which takes 60% of the total species in China. If you can only visit one place in China, Yunnan must be it.

Pleasant Climate

Yunnan is also famous for its pleasant climate all the year round. The average temperature is just 20 degrees in four seasons.

Yunnan means South of the Clouds.  It got the name because of its clouds. The clouds here are always changing in a remarkable way, especially in the morning and evening while their colors, their


It’s situated in a low-altitude yet high area, Yunnan has created a unique subtropical plateau monsoon climate. Totally there are five  obvious characteristics.



Ethnic Diversity

With such varied terrains in Yunnan Province, it formed  a diversity of ethnic groups.  In accoradance to the fourth national census conducted in 1990. Yunnan owns the largest number of ethnicties  in China: of the 56 nationalies in China, 52 are found in Yunnan. Among these ethnic groups,  26 of them have a population over 5000, 16 groups live across the border, 15 groups are native in Yunnan.

The minority population of Yunnan is one third of the total . The largest one is Yi People, which has 1.2 million members, they staly all over Yunnan Province. The smallest one is Jinuo People, which just has a population of 6000 members.


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