Stone Forest, Kunming Attractoins, Highlights

Stone forest, Kunming ,Yunnan, attractions, highlights, tours, trips, tavelThis page features on Stone forest, Kunming ,Yunnan, attractions, highlights, tours, trips, tavel.

Stone Forest is 86 kilometers southeast of Kunming City, it was declared by UNESCO as one of the “World Geological Park” in February 2004. It has such natural tourism resources as the limestone forest, underground caves, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. As the most karts’ landform on earth, the locals call it “the first mysterious scene in the world”. Also it’s the hometown of Ashima(阿诗玛) which is a branch of Yi People. Thus the whole scenic area is characterized by natural landscape, ethnic customs and scientific research.

With an area of 350 square kilometers, this scenic area consists of 7 tourist parts: Plum Valley Stone Forest, Naigu Stone Forest, Changhu Lake, Yuehu Lake, Dadieshui Waterfall, Zhiyun Cave and Qifeng Cave.

The most popular attraction is the Major Stone Forest in the Plum Valley. In 1903, it was opened as a park. It features clusters of giant stone peaks, stone pillars, stone swords with their tips picrceing into sky. The whole area looks like a boundless forest, thus it gets the name “Stone Forest”. There are numberous such views as Highlight of the Stone Forest, Lotus Peak, Sword Peak Pool, Two Kissing Birds, Peak Observing Pavilion and the Narrowest Pass.

The Minor Stone sits to the northeast of the Major Stone Forest. Here it’s well-known for its delicacy and grace. It includes Yi People’s Dancing Ground, Ashima, the Jade Bird Pool. Next the Jade Bird Pool, the middle stone is in a shape of local girl with a basket on her back. Yi People consider it as the incarnation of Ashima. In Yi People’s language, Ashima means a girl who is as beautiful as gold. While they call a man “Aheige” which means black guy.

The Naigu Stone Forest lies 10 km northeast of the Plum Valley Stone Forest. With an area of 8 square kilometers, Naigu means black in Yi People’s language. The main views of this stone forest are


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