Qingkou Village and Rice Terraces

Qingkou Village

Qingkou Village is just 100 meters away from the tourist center of Yuanyang scenic spot. Totally it has a population of 1000, and most of them are Hani People. At this village, only old ladies and kids wear traditioal costumes.

By the way, there is a small squre to exhibt Hani People’s culture.  Also you can go to visit a  museum, it’s located at the end the road. Over here you will see the Hani People’s immigration route, man’s and lady’s costume, festivals, history and farming tools.

Behind Qingkou Village, there are two beautiful places to visit: Qingkou Rice Terraces and Water Mills.

Qingkou Rice Terraces

Qingkou is the only place to take so-called red rice terraces. In April, several pieces of terraced fields were covered by red duckweeds. Thus it makes the total view more colorful.

Travel Tips

Don’t drive to this villge. The road to this village is too sharp and full of curves. It’s a real zigzag.


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