Luoxiagou Red Land, travel tips, hotels, foods, how to ge, what to do.


As the wanderful place to take photos before the sunset, Luoxiagou Red Land is too stunning.

Luoxiagou Travel Guide

The best time to go there is 9 am and 5 pm. It’s also a better place to take sunrise photos. Untill now it’s free to enter, it will be charged 80 Yuan in 2017. And sightseeing platforms have been built, it must be safer. There are lots of landslides in Dongchuan after the heavy rain, just be careful.

Louxiagou red land travel guide, sunrise ,sunset, best time visit

Dongchuan red soil land

Next to Luoxiagou red land, there are lots of guesthouses to stay. It’s only 50 Yuan in low season.
There isn’t any bus from Huashitou to Luoxiagou, you must rent a local minivan to go there.
From May to October,it’s the peak season. You’d better book a hotel or guesthouse in advance.

None of the locals can speak English,  you can contact us to help you.


Hotels and Guesthouse
Shangju Hotel山居酒店
Hongtude Sheyingrenjia红土地摄影之友
Hongtu yingxiang红土印象



Never step local farmer’s fields, otherwise 50-100 Yuan will be fined.
Before taking photos for local villagers, you must get permissions from them.
Prepare some kandies for kids, and then you can take pictures for them.


When you stay in Dongchuan, potatos adn noodles are two musts you can’t miss. Because of the special minarals in the red soil, it makes local foods very yammy. Also you should try preserved pork and hams.

In the scenic spot, you can buy some local snacks, such as peanuts, walnuts and fruits.

At any guesthouse, noodles should be your only choice. They mainly cook it with eggs and tomatos.

By the way, local animals just like cats, goats are very spiritual.


Things to do:

  • Take photos for red land from a bird’s view.
  • Visit Guoditang Village.
  • Visit local farmers and their houses.
  • Taste local foods.
  • Go to schools to donate something.

Photos of  Luoxiagou Red Land

Louxiagou red land travel guide, sunrise ,sunset, best time visit

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