Lijiang China

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Where is Lijiang ?
As the most famous tourist attraction of Yunnan Province, Lijiang lies 450 km away in the northwest of Yunnan.
Situated in the northwestern part Yunnan Province and the upper reach of the Jinshajiang (Golden Sands) River, Lijiang is a place where Naxi People live in compact communities with an area of 20600 square meters. It’s located at the joint area of Yunnan, Guizhou Plateau with an latitude of 100 degrees in the north.
Lijiang borders Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in its north, Dali Bai Autonomous in its east, Nujiang Nu People Autonomous Prefecture in its west and Sichuan Province in the northeast.
Lijiang lies along the Ancient Route of Tea and Horse, it used to be a trade hub from ancient times. And the ancient town to Lijiang was constructed in Song dynasty which has a history of 800 years. In Naxi People’s language, it is named Gongbenzhi, which means barns of markets.

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