Dongchuan Red Soil Land Photography Tour

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Dongchuan Red Land in four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter

Dongchuan Red Soil Land Photography Tour

Price From: US$ 200 per person (2 persons)

Duration: 1 night and two days.

Destination included: Dongchuan Red Land

Attractions features: picturesque lateritic fields, etc.

Day 01: pick you up at hotel in Kunming, drive to Dongchuan (3 hours), after lunch in Tangdian Town , photograph picturesque red soil land fields at Luoxiagou, Lepuao, Laorongshu,etc,  get sunset scenery at Lepuao, stay overnight in guesthouses or hotels at Huashitou village.



Day 02: photograph sunrise at Damakan, then drive back to visit Qicaipo, Jinxiuyuan, and then drive back to Kunming.


Travel Tips:

Never step into farmer’s fields, otherwise you will be fined 100 Yuan by them.

Don’t take photos until you get permission.

It’s cold at night and hot at noon. Take thicker sweater with you.

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