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As a city of Bai People’s prefecture, Dali is located in China’s southwestern Yunnan Province, it was the previous captial of Yunnan Province. It was formerly called “Tali”. When people mention to Dali, it
Its history can be traced back to the kingdom of Nanzhao.

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Dali China, Dali Yunnan

The ancient town is the most popular tourist destination in Yunnan Province, famous for its natural scenery, historical and cultural heritage, and vibrant nightlife.
It has a population of 3.53 million.

Dali was formerly called as Yangjumie. The old town was the capital of both Nanzhao Kingdom and Dali Kingdom. The whole are was razed and its detailed records and books were burnt by Mongolians in Yuan Dynasty. In Ming dynasty the emperor organized the old town.
It was mainly destreyed by a massive earthquake in 1925.
With the development of rail and airport transport, Dali old town becomes accseeible to tourists. It is now one of China’s offical tourist destination. In order to protect and preserve the old town, factories are now allowed to construct.

Because of its low latitude and high elevation, Dali has a mild subtropical highland climate. So winter is short, mild and dry, and summer is warm and rainy. In summer, a
The year’s rainfall occurs from June to October.

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