Dinosaur Valley

Yunnan Lufeng Dinosaur

Dinosaur Valley is located next to highway from Kunming to Chuxiong

Dinosaur fossil, China, Lufeng,Yunnan

Dinosaur fossil, China, Lufeng,Yunnan

(or Dali Lijiang), it’s 64 km away from Kunming City. It takes you one hour drive to be there.

A company invested 80 million CYN to build it. It’s finally completed in 2008.

It’s really  a must for  archaeologists, anthropologist ,biologist and kids.


Around the world, the first dinosaur fossil was discovered in Britain in 1938. While the Chinese Dinosaur fossil was unearthed in 1958, and then the government issued a series of dinosaur stamp to commerate it .

In Lufeng county, more than 200 dinosaur fossils with most of the bones can be found.

The dinosaurs whick only ate plants generally have bigger body and smaller head. And carnassial/ meat-eating ones had smaller body and bigger head.


  • Go to Kunming International Trade and Exhibition Center to take the shuttle bus to Dinosaur Valley directly.
  • Also lots of buses run from Kunming to Chuxiong. Just ask the bus driver to drop you at Dinosaur Valley (恐龙谷).
  • Show this sign to any Chinese driver for getting help.  我要去恐龙谷。(I wanna go Dinosaur Valley)
  • Go to the exit of the highway, if can catch any bus from Chuxiong, Dali, Lijinag to Kunming, you can come back.

Travel Tips

In addition,  kids can go to the entertainment ground freely with the entrance ticket of the scenic spot.

Next to the entrance gate, there is a big restaurant for meals. It provides yummy foods with lower price.

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