8 Days Classic Yunnan Tour

This route is characsterised by cultural and historical significance, abundant relics and sites.Yunnan tours, yunnan trips, attractions.

Detailed Tour Itinerary

Day 01 Arrival in Kunming

Upon your arrival, our guide and driver will meet you at Kunming Changshui International Airport or train station and transfer to your hotel.

Yunnan Tours, trips, travel guide, attractions

Kunming Stone Forest

Day 02 Kunming – Stone Forest – Kunming (Breakfast + Lunch)
After breakfast, leave your hotel at 9 am, drive 86 kilometers to Lunan County and explore the Stone Forest. It takes you two hours to go up and down in the Stone Forest. Return to Kunming in the afternoon. If you like learn something about local culture, Luyu Tea House must be a better recommendation. Over here you will taste the most famous tea, Puerh Tea in China.
Stone Forest: Situated 120 kilometers southeast of Kunming, it is a typical Karst formation with a total area of more than 350 square kilometers. In 2007, it is listed as World Natural Heritage site. Visiting the forest, you will discover a wonderland consists of innumerable huge rocks with fantastic shapes.

Day 03 Kunming – Dali (Breakfast + Lunch)

Take an early morning flight to Dali. Take a cruise on the amzing Erhai Lake, then visit Zhoucheng Village and learn ethnic Bai People’s Tie-dye Cloth with Wax (a technology of printing flower patterns on cloth). Tour to Xizhou Township and visit traditional and unique dwellings with typical Bai People’s features. Afterwards, go to the Chongshen Temple which is well-known for its Three Pagodas and then wander in Dali Old Town.

Erhai Lake: With an area of 250 square kilometers, it is one of the seventh biggest fresh water lakes in China and the second largest one in Yunnan. The summits of Cangshan Mountain are always mirrored on the lake, creating majestic scenery. It should be a great pity if people travel to Dali without a boat ride on the lake.
Erhai Lake(洱海:Erhai): With an area of 250 square kilometers, it is one of the seventh biggest fresh water lakes in China and the s

econd largest one in Yunnan. The summits of Cangshan Mountain are always mirrored on the lake, creating majestic scenery. It should be a great pity if people travel to Dali without a boat ride on the lake.
Bai People(白族:Baizu): As the native inhabitants in Dali, Bai people owns well-developed culture. More than 83% of the total 1.39 million live around the Erhai Lake. Because of the long history and dominant position in Dali, Dai people have their own language. Under the influence of Han people’s culture, they abandoned their characters.

Three Pagodas: This scenic spot is located at the foot of Canshan Mountain, it’s 1.4 kilometers northwest from the ancient town of Dali. All of these three pagodas were constructed during the period of Five Dynasties (907–960AD). When it’s the time of Nanzhao Kingdom and Dali Kingdom, Chengsheng Monstery was the biggest monastery in present Yunnan Province. While the three pagodas are only a small part of it. Firstly, it was built to protect locals from floods and earthquake. Secondly, they were used as a storehouse for sacred scriptures and precious objects.

Day 04 Dali – Lijiang (Breakfast + Lunch)

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Drive 2 hours to Lijiang, and visit Sifang Street in the old town of Lijiang.
Lijiang Ancient Town: It’s named after its shape which looks like a piece of ink slab. It’s famous fro its traditionally scientific architect structure. The whole town was constructed mainly along three rivers. If you get lost in the old town, just go upstream along any of them, and then you will find the main entrance. Sifangjie (Squre Market) is the center of this town, every road leads to it. For decades it has been a locals’ bazaar.


Day 05 Lijiang (Breakfast + Lunch)
Visit Yufeng Monastery, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Baisha Murals and Shuhe Old Town.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain(玉龙雪山:Yulongxueshang): It’s 13 kilometers away from Lijiang Old Town, this scenic spot consist of the southernmost glaciers in the world, Yak Meadow, Spruce Meadow. There are 13 peaks on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the summit is 5596 meters above the sea level, and it’s always covered by snow all the year round. It’s been proved that these mountains have a history over 230 million years. For local Naxi’ People, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a holy area to commit suicide for love. In their own legends they describe this mountain as paradise. Due to the sharp altitude gap, it has varied and rich vegetation coverage on this mountain. Thus a vertical ecosystem exists from subtropical zone to Frigid Zone.
Baisha Murals(白沙壁画:BAISHABIHUA): Such murals are located in Dabaoji Palace of Baisha Village which sits in the north of Lijiang City. Baisha Murals are mainly done in Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). Until now more than 55 murals were well preserved, the biggest one is exhibited at Babaoji Palace. Most murals depict stories from Daoism, Buddhism, Lamaism and primitive religions. All kinds of religions can coexist in Yunnan Province. Some murals are alive evidence to witness the harmonious relationship among different religions. Artists have combined the painting skills and style from Han People, Bai People, Naxi People and Tibetans.
Naxi People: With a population of 1 million, Naxi People msotly live next to Ljiang city. They have their own language and characters. Naxi People’s language belongs to the Chinese-Tibetan language family. Since ancient times, they have formed pictographic characters which are called “Dongba Script”. While Dongba acts as Naxi People’s priest, doctor, teacher and counsel.

Yunnan Tours, trips, travel guide, attractions

Yunnan Tours, trips, travel guide, attractions

Day 06 Lijiang – Shangri-La (Breakfast + Lunch)
Drive 3 hours to Shangri-La. It’s 178 kilometers away from Lijiang. As you keep ascending all the time, to walk slowly and breathe deeply can avoid altitude sickness.
On the way to Shangri-La, visit the first bend of Yangtze River and the Tiger Leaping Gorge

First Bend of Yangtze River(长江第一湾:Changjiang Diyiwan): Before descending the mountain from Ljiang, you will pass a place named Xionggu(雄古), it’s a photo spot to take pictures for the first bend of Yangtze River. Flowing from the north to the south, the water course of Yangzte River has been changed by mountains. A bend of “V” shaped was formed.

Tiger Leaping Gorge(虎跳峡:Hutiaoxia): This gorge is considered as the deepest one in the world. It’s 97 kilometers North West of Lijiang Old Town, lying between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. The deepest section is over 3600 meters. The river is 1800 meters above the sea level. The summit of Haba Snow Mountain is 5396 meters, while it’s just 200 meters lower than the summit of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. This gorge consists of three parts: the upper section, the middle section and the lower one. It’s almost the best place to trek in Yunnan Province, thrilling raft rides are available on the upper section.
Day 07 Shangri-la (Breakfast + Lunch)
Visit Songzanlin Tibetan Buddhaism Monanestry, Pudacuo National Park.
Songzanlin Monanestry:(松赞林寺:Songzanlingli) To commerate its contribution to the Red Army, it’s also named Guihua Monastery. As the biggest Tibetan Buddhism Monestery in Yunnan Province, it’s called “little Potala Palace”. It was totally built with Tibetan Buddhism style.
Pudacuo National Park:(普达措公园:Pudacuo Gongyuan) This park consists of three areas: Shudu Lake, Bita Lake, Xiaji Village.It lies at an elevation between 3500 meters to 4159 meters above the sea level. It’s 22 kilometers away from the downtown of Shangri-La Prefecture. Here you can enjoy the scenery of plateau lake, wet land, primitive forest, valley and varied plantation.
Shudu Lake(属都湖:Shuduhu): It lies 43 kilometers to the northeast of Shangri-La Prefecture. It is 3700 meters above the sea level, also it’s one of the biggest lakes in Diqing. In Tibetan language Shudu means the local butter is as hard as stone. It takes you 1.5 hours to trek along the wooden footpath. Walking along the lake, beautiful scenaries can be seen everywhere.

Day 08 Shangri-la – Kunming – Departure (Breakfast + Lunch)
Take a morning flight to Kunming.


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