Yuanmou Earth Forest

Langbapu Earth Forest

Adimission: 90 yuan/person

Address: Langbapu Scenic Area, Xinghua Town, Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province



Langbapu Earth Forest is located 60 km away from the seat of Yuanmou County, with an elevation of 1710 meters above the sea level. The average temperature is 17 degrees with the rainfall of 750 mm. Xinghua Town is known for deep and long valleys which are erased by rivers. Its distance of north-south is much longer than that of east-west, and it takes a shape of gourd. And locals named it Gourd Valley.


Langbapu Village

It has a population of 432 people in Langbapu Village, and there are 127 families. Most of the villagers belong to Yi People. This village used to be called Langhuapu (Orchid Village). Local villagers planted numerous radishes, when it’s the blossom season, some strangers misunderstood them as orchid blossoms. In Chinese language, orchid garden has the same pronunciation with Langbapu. In Yi People’s language, Langbapu means a palm with five open fingers.


Getting There and Away:

  1. Go to Kunming Northwest Coach Station to take a bus to Yuanmou County 90(It takes you 3 hours to drive to be there, with a cost of 52 Yuan), then take a bus at Yuanmou Bus Station to Langbapu Earth Forest(It takes you 2hours to be there, with a cost of 2hours).
  2. Go to Kunming Railway Station to take a train to Nengyi Town in Yuanmou County.

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