Yunnan Recreational Vehicle

Yunnan Recreational Vehicle

  • Why choose Yunnan?

As the most attractive place in China, Yunnan is very suitable for recreational vehicle tour.


Even lots of foreigners are on a caravanning holiday in Yunnan

  • How to plan a  recreational vehicle tour in Yunnan?

  • When to visit Yunnan with recreational vehicle?

Dring the rain season from May to October, it’s not suitable for recreational vehicle tour in Yunnan. Because there would be lots of  landslides all over Yunnan Province, especially in Yuanyang County, Shangrila County, and the other places in the west of Yunnan.

When driving in the North of Yunnan, watch out frozen and foggy sections, a local guide must be very helpful at that time.

Avoid Chinese Festivals ,just like the Golden Weeks(May Day and National Day). it will drive you crazy to drive on the highway.

  • Where to go with recreational vehicle in Yunnan?

As a province bodering on Mymur, Laos and Vietnam, there are more than 6 arrival boundary ports in Yunnan, only Mohan and Ruili Entry Ports are available for foreign recreational vehicle.

In general, both of them start from the south of Yunnan. And then you can drive towards the north passing Dali Old Town, Lijiang Old Town, Shangrila Ancient Town. And drive to the middle part of Yunnan, visiting Kunming, Chuxiong. Finally just drive towards the south to Jianshui County, Yuanyang County, then to Xishuanbanna to go back to the  boundary port.

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