Yuanyang Rice Terrace Photography Tour

Best Time

Best time , Yuanyang, photography, trekking, hiking, highlights, sunrise, sunset

Best time , Yuanyang, photography, trekking, hiking, highlights, sunrise, sunset

During a year, the best time to visit Yuanyang is from October to May of the nexy year. The local minorities only leave the paddy fields empty after the harvest. And there is much more water in fields, thus you can take photos with more layers or colors. Also you can see the wanderful  reflection of colorful cloulds and blue sky on the surface of water, it adds great beauty to your pics.

In October, it’s the harvest time,you’ll see more working people in the fields. And rice turns yellow or grey, it’s also very attractive.

In April, it’s the planting season. Local Yi people and Hani People firstly transplant rice sprouts from a small piece of field into a bigger one. And then the rice will get enough water, sunshine, air, fertilizer and space. Most of them are working outside, so you can take both people’s photos and sceneries.

Within a day, you fiistly go to Duoyishu Scenic Spot to take sunrise photos.(It’s said that the best position is on the right side of the middle platform.) And then move to   Aichun Village to take photos for blue rice terraces. At that time the sun is just behind you, so you can see the reflection of  blue sky on the water.

During day time, you

Popular Yuanyang’s Photography Spots/ Area

Sunrise at Duoyishu Scenic Area or Pugaolaozhai Village, also you can go to Qingkou to take photos.




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