7 Days Classic Yunnan Tour

Detinations: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang

Attractions features on : cultures of minorities such as Yi People, Bai People, Naxi People, plateau scenery, cultural heritages, etc.

Day 1 Arrival in Kunming

Upon your arrival in Kunming, our guide and driver meet you at Kunming Chuangshui Internationsl Airport / Train Station/ Coach Station. And take a city tour to visit the Birds and Flower Market, Green Lake Park.

Kunming is known as “Eternal Spring City” due to its agreeable climate all the year round.

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Kunming Stone Forest

Day 2 Kunming (Stone Forest)

Stone Forest is 90 kilometers away from Kunming city, it takes one hour to drive there. It was declaimed as National Geography Park in 2004 and was inscribed as World Nature Heritage site in 2007. It’s famous for the most diversified limestone landform in the world. In the mean time, you can meet Yi People there.

Day 3 Kunming—Dali (Erhai Lake, Xizhou Town, Zhouchen, Dali Old Town)

Take an early morning flight to Dali. After your arrival, the local guide firstly take you to have breakfast and take a boat ride on Erhai Lake. After lunch, go to visit Xizhou Old Town which is noted for Bai People’s traditional houses and costumes. Also you can try to make a local pan cake by yourself. Then go to visit Zhouchen. It’s a small village to exhibit how to make tie-dye cloth.

When it’s getting dark, come back to visit Dali Old Town. It used to be Yunnan’s capital for hundreds of years.


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Day 4 : Dali—Lijiang (Lijiang Old Town, Black Dragon Pool Park)

It only takes 2 hours to travel overland by car to Lijiang. Firstly go to visit the Black Dragon Pool Park where it’s the origin of Yuhe River. On the crystal clean water you can see the reflection of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The Dongba Institute is must you can’t miss in this park, from it you can learn Naxi People’s culture including primitive religions, pictographs and temples. After lunch, you can stroll in the Lijiang Old Town which has a history of 800 years, and it was inscribed as World Culture Heritage by UNESCO in 2007.


Day 5 Lijiang (Spruce Meadow)

Drive one hour to the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and enjoy the ethnic show Lijiang Impression which was edited by Zhangyimou. Then drive half an hour to the Spruce Meadow, it is located on an elevation of 3200 meters above sea level. This meadow is shrouded by a dense primitive forest of spruce, hence the name. It takes 20 minutes to take an open lift chair to the top, and then you can walk along the wooden footpath to a flat area.


Day 6 Lijiang—Kunming

Take a morning flight to Kunming, pick you up and visit the Western Hills Park. Due to the special outline of hills, it really looks like a sleeping beauty or sleeping Buddha. On the Western Hills there are four tourist attractions: Dragon Gate Grotto, Taihua Temple, Huating Temple, Nier Tomb .At the foot of the Western Hills, it is the biggest lake in Yunnan Province, Dianchi Lake.

Day 7 Kunming—-

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