6 Days Yunnan Photo Tour

Day 1

Upon your arrival our tour guide and driver meet you at the airport, and then it takes one  hour to go to Shilin County.  Firstly our tour guide will show you around the Stone Forest. Then go to your hotel to check in.


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Yuanyang Riceterraces, duoyishu,bada,laohuzui, sunrise,sunset

Day 2

Drive 5 hours to Yuanyang to enjoy the sunset scenery at Laohuzui Rice Terraces. Along the road you can visit Qingkou Village and Rice Terraces. If there is enough time,  Niujiaozhai really worth a visit.

Finally go to Shencun Village to check in.

By the way the local purple yam is a must you should try.

Day 3

Get up early and drive 20 minutes to Duoyishu Village to enjoy sunrise scenery.  The best position to take photos must be the right section of the sightseeing platform.

After the sun rises up, go to Aichun Village to enjoy the blue Rice Terraces.  Then come back to your hotel to have breakfast.  In the afternoon, drive to Bada to visit the most numberless Rice Terraces.

Day 4

Drive 3 hours to Jianshui, and visit the Confucian Temple and Double Dragon Bridge.  After lunch our guide will show you around Zhu’ Family Garden.  Jianshui is famous for delicious foods and barbecues; you should try the local Toufu and Caoya.  Caoya can be only found in Jianshui, it’s very fresh to cook it with meat.

Day 5

Drive 3 hours to Kunming, you can visit Xingmeng which is the only Mongolian community in Yunnan Province.  Also you should try some Mongolian foods.  Then drive back to Kunming to visit the Western Hills and enjoy tea ceremony at Luyu Teahouse.

Day 6

Go to visit the Green Lake Park, Birds and Flowers Market. Then transfer to the airport.


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