Puzhehei Travel Guide

Puzhehei Travel Guide

Where is Puzhehei?
Puzhehi lies 360 km south of Kunming, it is a typical limestone landform.
Attractions in Puzhehei
Qinglongshan Hill is the best place to take sunrise and sunset photos. It’s just 2 kilometers away from Puzhehei Village where lots of guesthouses are available.

Best Time to Visit
Most of the lotus flowers will be in full blossoms in summers,
Highlights in Puzhehei

Top Rated Highlights in Puzhehei
Huobadong Caves (Torch Cave)
Tian’e hu Lake
Qinglongshan Mountain
Peach Garden

Things to Do
Photography tours at Qinglongshan Mountain;
Take a boat to enjoy lotus blossoms in summer;
Watch peach flowers in spring;
A great way to get around town and to Puzhehei Scenic Area is on a bicycle.
Shede Grass Land

Getting There and Away
1. High-speed Train (the fastest way to go there)
Take a subway to Kunming South Train Station and then take a shuttle bus (No2) to the scenic spot.
2. Bus
Go to the Kunming South Coach Station to take a long distance bus to Puzhehei, it takes you 4 hours to be there with a cost of 75 yuan.
3. Air
There is a direct flight from Kunming to the seat of Qiubei County. This airport lies 30 kilometers west of Wenshan Prefecture.

ATM to Exchange Money
Several ATMs can be only found in the Town of Qiubei County. You must prepare enough cash before going to Qiubei.
Agricultural Bank of China is situated at the crossing between Shuixiang Road and Yingbing Road.
Construction Bank of China and Yunnan Rural Credit Bank are very close to it.

Puzhehei is known for varied hot peppers and Pesedo-Gingseng

Post Office

Police Station

Internet Café (网吧)
Except hotels or guesthouses you can get internet access at most internet café. By the way, free Wi-Fi service is available at most hotels and restraints. Even in the bus, some companies provide free WIFI.
Around Jiaoshu Square (椒莲广场) there are three internet café. (Feisuwangka飞速网咖, Wutuobangwangka乌托邦网咖, YixingWangka熠欣网咖)

Book Store
On Caiyun street(彩云街) there is a bookstore named Xinghua Bookstore(新华书店), here you may get local map about Puzhehei.



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