Luoping Travel Guide/ Attractions/Highlights

Best Time to Visit

Spring is the best time to visit Luoping County of Yunnan Province, as the fields are a vibrant sea of cole flowers. If it’s hot enough, Luoping Cole/ Rape Flowers will be in full blossoms in January, otherwise it start in February. Before you go there, please check the blossom time with the owner of local guest house or hotel. Also you can ask such information from local travel agent .

Even drive along the highway, you can enjoy the most beautiful wave (ocean) of rape flower.

Luoping Attractions/ Highlights

Jinjifengcong Sunrise   Luositian Sunset Jiulongpubu(Nine Dragons Waterfall)  Duoyihe Waterfalls    Xiaosanxia

Hotels and Guesthouses

  • Jinshan Hote
  • l Yunzhimeng Hotel
  • Zhongyuan Hotel
  • Luoping Yingxiang
  • Luoping Hostel
  • Buyirenjia

Travel Guide

  • It’s very foggy in Luoping, put on more coats when go to take sunrise photos
  • In general the sun rises at 6 am and set down at 7 pm
  • Don’t use too much perfume, because there are lots of bees in the cole flower fields.

Luoping Transportation

9-seat car, suitable for 2-6 people with a tour guide.

9-seat car, suitable for 2-6 people with a tour guide.

  • The highway from the Stone Forest County to Luoping was just finished in 2016, it only take you three hours to drive there.
  • Take a metro from  Kunming Changshui International Airport to Kunming East Bus Station, and then you can  take a bus to Luoping.
  • Also you can take a train from Kunming Train Station to Luoping.

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